Two way radio  based systems

There are several options of walkie talkie based  bike to bike two way radio systems available depending on what your requirements are.  These are price related and is based on Range and versatility of the chosen system .

Walkie Talkies have the advantage of enabling a large numbers of users occupying the same channel to chat among each other sequentially , this enables a very social aspect to Bike to Bike two way radio  unlike Bluetooth systems,  although being full duplex are limited to a simultaneous communications only  between two people despite what a lot of the advertisement depict ie up to 6 users

Our system all use the  very reliable   K series headset and harness with  handlebar mounted PTT button , optimally the radio is placed out in the open on the front aspect of the bike for maximum range  but can be in the users jacket pocket if you are prepared to accept a lesser operational  range .

The beauty of the system is that they actually work  at legal and above road speeds  ..   My riding buddies  use them all the time on out weekend and longer  trips  ,  they have paid for themselves many times over in avoiding speeding tickets by being able to warn of approaching    ""government  officials ""




                           230v charger, Rechargable cells  ,Radio , K series headset                                        Good  picture of K series headset

SP508 system             0.5 w 40 ch radio ,operates on 4 AAA cells operational range typically up to 2 Km line of sight                    Summer  special                  $110  

                        2 Watt        PMR  2  radio  and K series  headset                                                          supplied with  Cell Phone Holder too                                                                   

PMR-2 system             0.5-2W  40 ch radio ,operates on internal lithiunm battery   typically up to 3-4  Km line of sight  
                        supplied with 3.5mm K series headset PTT button and cables , cell phone holder for radio     

      3 W  SP23022AA  radio , 230v charger , 12v cigarette charger, K series headset                   supplied  with  cellphone holder for  walkie talkie 


SP230022AA  system             one radio left  then will be upgrading to the new 80 ch  radio      at a different  price  !!

 0.5 - 3 w   40 ch radio ,operates on internal NiMH  battery   typically up to 3-8  Km line of sight    
                                        supplied with 230v charger , 12v cigarette lighter charger so you can charge it in the 'bike
                                    ,  cellphone holder for radio, K  series  wire mic headset  with PTT button and cables                                                                                  $250


PlugZ 4  LugZ     Our  headsets can easily be modified to operate with the "plugs for lugz"  stereo earphones .  ask us about this ..It involves removing the two earspeakers and replacing them with a simple integral 3.5 mm  female connector  ( socket) into which the custom made earphone plug into ..


                                                                                    Modified headset to enable the use of personal earphones of  Plugz for Lugz

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Remember these headset  systems have to be assembled by hand ,  that means soldering every wire manually checking for continuity ,, and then each plug has to be molded in a machine  it is labor intensive,   these are not banged out by the thousands by a machine                 that reflects in the price