Intercom  systems

Wired options

1,  Simple unit
This uses our usual k series headset for rider and pillion the small amplifier unit uses 2 AAA  cells,  it also has a separate  3.5 mm audio input socket  for connection of an mp3 player both rider and pillion can listen to the music , there is no automatic music cut off when either party speaks ,  Awaiting new stock


2 Up market Unit
This  is a more advanced unit with integral lithium ion battery and   supplied with an external 12v charging source that can be connected to the motorcycle 12v electrical system  .There is a wireless remote  unit that controls various aspects of the intercom that relate to the user  ie individual volume , mute , PTT ( rider only) . This volume is supplied with its own manufactured headset  , ( it is not out K series head set )  This intercom can be connected to a walkie talkie if one wants to to bike to bike radio communication as well.  Supplied with ALL required cables  you dont have to purchase optional extra like you do with other European systems , The first three purchases will receive a walkie talkie to go with the system , this offer is at the sellers prerogative                         
                      PTT controls and main Audio Unit                                                    Every thing less Ipod , walkie talkie and cellphone


Wireless options   ( BLUETOOTH

         Interfone 1.2 clipped to helmet  ( use left side only )                                        Interfone 1.2 has Aux MP3 input socket

This is our  long range Bluetooth unit, INTERFONE 1.2  supplied as a pair , helmet mounting kits, 230v charger etc  ,( sorry  Ipod NOT  included )  It has a line of sight range of over 1000m  so can be used for bike  to bike as well as rider  pillion communication . It has an optional MP3 input socket where one can play music through the intercom headset ,Talk time is typically 7 hrs,  you will get a sore bum before the battery goes flat .

                                                                                                         NZ$ 230



This is our simple rider pillion intercom  which runs on two AAA  cells, is based on a cheap  system but we have thrown away the silly little boom mic  earbuds  which always fall out of your ear when your helmet is on and you have to stop to put them back , and used our  K series headsets  and curly cords   , our headsets velcro into the helmet securely and the wire mic  sticks to the chin bar .  The music is a simple mixing system  and you hear it with the speech   its  not  HI Fi  but ok for a simple system for people who dont want to expend a lot of money





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